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Title 1 Curriculum


Literacy Lab

The Title One program is an intervention program for students needing extra support in language arts skills. Students receive support in two ways. Sixth graders are enrolled in a two period block that includes 6th grade English and reading support. 7th and 8th graders are enrolled in a one period elective of language arts support focusing on reading and including writing experiences. The Title One classes are reduced in size so the teacher can provide more targeted instruction to match the needs of the students. Additionally, the 7th and 8th graders are supported by the Title One teacher in their English or history classes. Students are chosen for these intervention classes based upon academic need, teacher recommendation, and test scores.

The Title 1 reading program is designed around READ 180, a computer assisted reading program. In addition students practice active reading strategies in independent and guided reading experiences. Vocabulary study based upon root words, affixes and word choice is a regular activity.

Writing instruction based upon the Six Traits of Quality Writing is also a regular activity. Students learn to recognize and evaluate the traits in student and professional writing samples. They even get to evaluate the teacher’s writing! A variety of written assignments are practiced and published in this class.