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First Avenue Music Club Membership Campaign
The Music Club Wants you!!
The First Avenue Music Club is an elite organization that involves our director, Mr. Murphy, and parents of students in the music program. The music club is the backbone of the music program, and is the biggest reason that the program at First Avenue is strong every year, providing your student(s) with the best equipment and opportunities to be successful. Another need that has arisen during the era of distance learning is more instructional support for our students. Mr. Murphy is only one person, and sometimes there are 60-70 students within one music class, which can be an immense responsibility, considering that the goal is to get the students as much great quality instruction as possible. Supportive instructional coaches would be such a big help to Mr, Murphy and the music students, providing for more instructors to be able to split classes into smaller working groups, so that the students would receive more one-on-one or smaller group instruction, which would make the opportunity for success far greater than a classroom with 60-70 students participating at once.
The Music Club membership is only $25, and comes with a First Avenue Music Club T-shirt, which can be worn all around town to show your support of the music club, your student, and the pride you have for the elite and successful music program at FA. There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday, September 9, at 7pm via
Zoom (link will be sent to all music parents soon via Google Classroom and email).
If there are any immediate questions, please email Mr. Murphy @




Minutes for previous meetings are listed below under FA Music Club Minutes 2018-19 and on the Archive page.

2019-2020 Past Events

Oct 16, 2019 - First Ave Choir w/AHS choirs/Jefferson MS @ PAC

Oct 18, 2019 - Fall String Concert - Orchestra - PAC

Nov 2, 2019   -  Baldwin Park Parade Band, Percussion, Auxiliary
Nov 23, 2019 -  Arcadia Festival of Bands (AFOB) - Band, Percussion, Auxiliary
Dec 11, 2019       -  Concert - Choir, Dance, Percussion - FA
Dec 14, 2019       -  Pomona Xmas Parade -  Band, Percussion, Auxiliary
Dec 18/19, 2019  -  Assembly  - Holiday Concerts - All groups
Dec 20, 2019       -  Zero period band and orchestra, 7/8 grade symphony orchestra (added winds, percussion and some rock band to string orchestra), and choir - FA
Jan 11, 2020   - Arcadia High School Spaghetti Dinner
Jan 16, 2020   - Rock Concert  
Feb 17, 2020  - Symphony Orchestra at Disneyland California Adventures (115 students, orchestra & 35 wings/percussion)
Feb 20, 2020  - Band Vertical Concert
Feb 22, 2020  - Temple City Camellia Parade
Feb 27, 2020  - Picture Day
March 11, 2020  - Potluck & Choir, Zero Period Orchestra & Band Concert
March 28, 2020  - Cancelled due to COVID - @PAC-  Choir invited back to perform for AHS Fundraising concert
** All April and May events were cancelled due to Covid ** 
June 6, 2020 Drive By celebration for Mr D's retirement


FA Music Club Minutes
FA Music Club Minutes
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Minutes from 2017-18 and 2016-17 can be found here.
2019 Nov 2 Baldwin Parade videos
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