Counseling & Student Services


Ms. Nancy Martin

Office Hours:
Wednesdays to Fridays
Mrs. Grumbine

Office Hours:
Mondays to Wednesdays
The First Avenue Counselors, Ms. Martin and Mrs. Grumbine, work to assist FA students and families as they make the middle school journey.  Visit their website at the following link for more information:



Ms. Natalie Chieng
Assesses linguistic development. Instructs students who have significant difficulties with auditory processing and memory, acquisition and use of word knowledge, syntax, comprehension, verbal reasoning and social thinking skills. Leads a series of conversations with 7th grade students and parents on Coming of Age in the Twenty-First Century. Monitors the D/F list and regularly meets with this group of students to develop strategies for academic success. Coordinates the First Avenue Heroes Project and First Avenue Futures Assembly. Serves as a member of the First Avenue Student Study Team.


Mrs. Amy Graves
Conducts full psycho-educational assessments and tests students in all areas of suspected disability. Coordinates and facilitates IEP meetings. Provides group and individual counseling sessions with students. Consults with teachers and parents regarding the social/emotional well being of students including providing evaluation through various checklists and observations. Serves as a member of the First Avenue Student Study Team. Organizes, schedules, and facilitates SST-2 meetings. Works with special education teachers to write and implement Positive Behavioral Support Plans (PBSPs). Provides risk assessment and crisis intervention counseling services..