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Sixth Grade Curriculum


Language Arts Curriculum

The English Language Arts program integrates four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and is closely aligned with the California Common Core State Standards. Reading, comprehension and vocabulary are stressed using both fiction and informational texts. Argumentative, informational, and narrative writing are the main focus of writing instruction, and students will build their skills in writing with a variety of engaging assignments.  Additional time is provided in the sixth grade schedule (a second period) to accommodate the many group and individual activities and projects of the language arts curriculum. Students use the HMH Collections series of Language Arts texts. In addition, we use several literature books which may include Bud Not Buddy, A Long Walk to Water, and The Hunger Games.

History Curriculum

In the history curriculum for the sixth grade at First Avenue , students learn about people and events that began the major Western and Non-Western civilizations. Early societies are those of the Near East, Egypt , Ancient Israelites, Greece , Rome , and the classical civilizations of India and China .

In studying the ancient world, students learn to appreciate the significance of the geographic place in the development of the human story. They acquire knowledge of the every day life of the people, their problems, and accomplishments, the tools and technology they developed, and the art, architecture, and literature they produced. Students come to know important figures who helped establish these early cultures, and whose ideas and teaching became the lasting influences in Western and Non-Western thought.

Science Curriculum

The sixth grade science curriculum covers many exciting topics. In the fall, the students start off with learning about the scientific method and experimentation. In the geology unit, students learn theories about how the earth was formed, the theories of continental drift and plate tectonics, and the rock cycle. This is especially interesting because it ties into our history units on archaeology and early man. Students also learn about landforms, erosion, and the water cycle. Additional science units may include living things, matter, energy, heat and temperature, and chemical changes.

Math Curriculum

The sixth grade math curriculum uses an interactive approach as the students are being prepared for Algebra. Among the areas covered are whole numbers, fractions, decimals, equations, variables, integers, measurement, probability, percent ratios, proportion, geometry, and problem solving. Teachers combine problem practice with real-life mathematical applications.

PE/Health Curriculum

The emphasis of the sixth grade physical education program is working cooperatively to achieve a common goal. Learning experiences focus on developing the skills required for attaining that goal. Through active participation, the physical education experience should foster in each student a sense of confidence, acceptance, and belonging within the group or on the team. The health program covers: social and emotional health; nutrition and fitness; body systems; communicable and non-communicable diseases; drugs, tobacco, and alcohol; personal safety and first aid; and AIDS education.
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