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Traffic Flow Plan


The following is the traffic flow plan for dropping off students before school and for picking up students after school. Please follow these procedures to ensure the safety of our students.
  • Please drive slowly and carefully around the school.
  • Our primary student drop-off areas are the sidewalks that are next to the school on both California Street (curb marked white) and Diamond Street (curb marked green.) Students are then able to walk right on to campus as they exit their cars.
  • If you are driving on Santa Anita Avenue, turn onto California Street and drop off student at the white curb. No u-turns please!
  • If you are driving on First Avenue, turn onto Diamond Street and drop off students at the green curb. No u-turns please!
  • When the school day is over, drivers are to pick up students in the same areas as morning drop-off.
  • Please comply with the directions on the posted signs for student loading, and First Avenue Staff, who will be supervising a safe student pick up and drop off. Remember to drive to the most forward space available in the student loading area.
  • No parking on California Street at times indicated on posted signs.
  • No pick-up or drop-off in driveways.
  • Students are not to jaywalk across the street to meet their rides on the other side of California Street or Diamond Street. Drivers who allow their students to do so endanger the lives of our students and may be cited by the Arcadia Police Department.
  • Students should not be dropped off or picked up in front of the school on First Aveue or at the rear of the school on Satna Anita Avenue.
  • Students walking to or from school are to use the crosswalks. Each day, there is a crossing guard present for at least 40 minutes before and after school at the corner of First Avenue and Diamon Street.

You can download the English version and the Mandarin version of the above letter if you wish.