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Mrs. Randa Weir
My name is Randa Weir, and I’m the Office Supervisor – also known as the Jack-of-all-trades – here at First Avenue Middle School. I’ve been here 18 years (and counting!), and it’s been my pleasure to meet and assist many of you during that time. In addition to making sure that our office runs smoothly, I’m always happy to answer any questions you may have, or assist in scheduling appointments for Dr. Issa and Mr. De Grazia as needed. If there is ever anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to ask.
 Mrs. Vicky Stiles
Hello, I am Vicky Stiles and I enjoyed my time here as a First Avenue parent so much that I came back to work! I'm here to help, particularly with attendance related issues. Please send appointment and absence notes with your student to the school office before school starts so we can minimize classroom disruptions. If a student is out, s/he must submit a signed note upon returning to school, again before school starts. If you have any questions about our attendance procedures, please review the handbook that is available on this website. Let's work together to have a great school year!

Make sure to send your student to the office with a note when they return from an absence.

Early Release
This also requires a parent note be sent with the student to the office before school begins.

Independent Study Requests
For prearranged absences for more than 4 days. Minimum one week notice needed.

Student Council Bookkeeping


Mr. German Anguiano
My name is German Anguiano and I am the Head Custodian here at First Avenue.
Mr. Junior Miranda

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