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Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission

The First Avenue Middle School community continually develops the distinctive characteristics of the “First Avenue Experience”: an ability to meet rigorous academic standards through the design of high quality work, a passion to learn, an ability and willingness to think creatively to solve the challenges of the 21st century, a strong sense of identity and voice, and a highly developed sense of personal and social responsibility and leadership fostered by real-world applications.

Our Vision

First Avenue is an educational community that promotes an environment of academic challenge with high expectations for student learning and strong character development. The school is centered on nurturing the educational spirit of each student in a safe learning environment which accommodates diverse learning styles, the pursuit of powerful learning through experimentation and exploration, and the opportunity to do so without fear of failure.

Instruction at First Avenue focuses on a thinking, meaning-centered curriculum. Lessons take a variety of forms, incorporate a variety of methods of student assessment, and allow for student self-directed learning through exploration of a broad range of materials and activities.

Students at First Avenue focus on involvement in school activities that help them grow in self-confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem. The development of these personal attributes leads to an increase in learning competency, perseverance and personal preparedness for the future.