About First Avenue Middle School

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The First Avenue Middle School community continually develops the distinctive characteristics of the “First Avenue Experience”: an ability to meet rigorous academic standards through the design of high-quality work, a passion to learn, an ability and willingness to think creatively to solve the challenges of the 21st century, a strong sense of identity and voice, and a highly developed sense of personal and social responsibility and leadership fostered by real-world applications.
First Avenue’s educational program is built on the philosophy of the whole child, and that means that in a normal year students receive a variety of hands-on educational experiences in academic content areas and in the robust elective program. During virtual learning, hands-on experiential learning activities needed to be reimagined, yet through many collaborations, with guidance and support from the district, our teachers were able to adjust, pivot and provide a robust learning experience for our students. What you will see in the video below captures the question, “How does First Avenue meet the needs of the whole child virtually?”  It was through this lens that we addressed 4 areas of focus, which are; Academics, Health and Wellness, Student-Centered Practices, and Families and Community.