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If you liked what you did in 6th grade Drama, then you’ll want to join the cast of Intro to Theatre. You’ll be up on stage doing scenes, working the lights, setting the stage. Class projects will include scene work, character studies, improvisation, performance critiques, theatre games, vocabulary, etc. This class is a prerequisite for Theater Workshop and Theater Production.
[Grade Level: 7th and 8th] [Duration: 1 Trimester] [Prerequisite: NONE]


If you're looking for a chance to take what you learned in Intro Theater to the next level, then Theatre Workshop is the place for you! In Theater Workshop, actors will work on many different kinds of projects both original and script based, long term and short term, group and individual. The students will also perform on stage in front of a school audience.
[Grade Level: 7th and 8th] [Duration: 1 Trimester] [Prerequisite: Introduction to Theater]


Do you want to see your name in lights? Do you long to hear the roar of applause? Do you want to be a part of FA history? Then Production 2010 might be the place for you. Approximately 60 student actors will have the opportunity to continue their exploration of the world of theatre in this 2 trimester course. Student actors will work collaboratively on projects and gain experience in all aspects of play production from publicity to set design. Emphasis will also be placed on reading, discussing and analyzing plays. Production students will be cast in a full-length play which will be performed at the end of the second trimester of the class.
[Grade Level: 8th] [Duration: 2 Trimester] [Prerequisite: Introduction to Theater]