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Seventh Grade Curriculum


Language Arts Curriculum

We focus on communication skills for the seventh grade. Reading writing, listening, and public speaking are stressed in a variety of compelling activities. Writing is an integral part of the curriculum, adhering to standards to develop the six traits of writing. Students read many multicultural short stories, myths, legends and poetry, in addition to core literature novels: The Outsiders, Chinese Cinderella, and The Samurai's Tale. Students write research papers, a variety of book reports, academic analyses of literature as well as creative stories, poetry and exercises in dialogue, setting, and plot structure. Students have the opportunity to present to the class informational, persuasive, entertaining, and instructional speeches. The students strengthen their listening skills by evaluating peer's presentations. Creativity and risk-taking are emphasized in all areas. Students are encouraged to achieve a higher level of quality work and a deeper appreciation of literature and cultural communication.

History Curriculum

The seventh grade history curriculum begins with the Fall of the Roman Empire. The curriculum shifts to the Arabian Peninsula and the growth of Islam. The early African civilizations of Ghana and Mali are studied. The Middle Ages in China, Japan, and Medieval Europe are also studied, compared and contrasted. The Renaissance and the Reformation in Europe follow and continue on through the Age of Exploration, the Scientific Revolution, the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason. The year ends with the study of the Mesoamerican and Andean civilizations. A strong emphasis is placed on geography throughout each unit. The seventh grade team plans two major field trips per year. One is in connection with Medieval Europe. The students dress in period costume and attend Workshop in the Woods. The students consider this field trip to be a highlight of their seventh grade year.

Science Curriculum

The science program focuses on Life Science. There are five major themes woven through the curriculum: Investigation and experimentation, cellular biology, genetics, structure and function of living things, physical properties in living systems, and evolution. Processing skills such as observation, comparison, classification, prediction, analysis and inference, are also emphasized within the curriculum. Our students will develop an understanding of the inter-relationships among science, technology and society. They will also develop the use of higher-level thinking skills.

Math Curriculum

The seventh grade pre-algebra math curriculum builds upon the basic fundamentals learned in the sixth grade. Number theory, geometry, fractions, integers, ratios and proportions, graphing, statistics and functions are some of the topics covered. Projects are assigned during the year to integrate real-life experiences in order to enhance the curriculum.

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