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This home economics class is for students who want to continue what they were exposed to in the 6th grade wheel. Life skills, such as family dynamics, babysitting, and getting along with others will be incorporated into this class. The cooking for this class may include baking and quick meals. Students learn how to follow a recipe, measure correctly, and work as a team. Seasonal cooking is incorporated as appropriate.
[Grade Level: 7th and 8th] [Duration: 1 Trimester] [Prerequisite: NONE]


This home economics class will teach students how to plan, budget, stock a pantry for quick meals, prep several meals at once for future use, and enjoy healthy eating. We will learn what the Food Pyramid means, and how to enjoy and prepare healthy snacks and meals from each group. This class will get a lot of hands on experience in the kitchen, which will benefit them now and in the future.
[Grade Level: 7th and 8th] [Duration: 1 Trimester] [Prerequisite: HOME ECONOMICS FUN]


This unique class is open to responsible, eager 8th graders who have successfully completed Home Ec Fun. Students must be responsible workers with good citizenship and work habits who want to plan and hold after school sales. Students work in groups, each being responsible for the planning and execution of one sale, including pricing, advertising and product quality. The class also plans, prepares, and delivers lunches to the staff. Part of the learning experience of this class is keeping good financial records, advertising, making decisions on pricing and profits, and following through with cleanup. The profits from this class are used to teach the students how to prepare more advanced recipes of their choosing. The students decide as a group how their profits will be spent and what they would most like to learn. Since there is more time spent on planning and decision making, students are graded on every sale and their level of participation.
[Grade Level: 8th] [Duration: 1 Trimester] [Prerequisite: HOME ECONOMICS FUN]