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Home Economics


ADVANCED FOODS - (7th and 8th grade; 1 Semester; Prerequisite: Home Ec. Fun) 

Do you want to take your culinary skills to the next level?  This home economics class builds on the cooking concepts learned in Home Ec Fun.   The awesome recipes are a variety of savory and sweet options.  We will learn how to enjoy and prepare healthy snacks and meals from each food group.  This class will get a lot of hands on experience in the kitchen, which will benefit students now and in the future.  

HOME EC. FUN - (7th and 8th grade; 1 Semester) 

Do you like to cook? Have you wondered what it’s like to be a chef?  Then this class is for you!  This home economics class is for students who want to continue what they were exposed to in the 6th grade wheel.  Life skills, such as etiquette, babysitting, and getting along with others will be incorporated into this class.   The cooking for this class may include baking and quick meals.  Students learn how to follow a recipe, measure correctly, and work as a team.  Seasonal cooking is incorporated as appropriate.

MONEY MATTERS - (7th and 8th grade; 1 Semester) 

Let's talk money!  This class will explore various ways to handle your money wisely.  We will talk personal economics; learn about various types of investments and savings accounts as well as the world of teen entrepreneurship (starting your own business). Students even spend some time learning about the stock market.