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ART – All art courses may be repeated


2D/3D ARTISTS’ WORKSHOP - (7th and 8th grade; 1 Semester)

Like to make things? Create amazing sculptures and 2D artworks as you explore printmaking techniques, sculpture, metal foil, paper crafts, scratchboard, jewelry making, and a variety of additional crafts media. This class will also explore the history of handmade art in cultures throughout the world, including Panama, Haiti, Germany, Medieval Europe, China, and Japan.   


 CALL TO ADVENTURE: HEROES & ART - (7th and 8th grade; 1 Semester)

Learn about all kinds of different heroes from ancient times through present-day characters in pop culture like Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, and Starlord!  In addition to discussing the Hero's Journey and modern storytelling techniques, we will be creating some incredible artwork using all kinds of art media like paints, markers, pastels, and colored pencils.  We will be keeping visual journals, and this class involves reading and writing. Explore the ways that you relate to these heroes in this art-adventure class! 


CARTOONING and ANIMATION - (7th and 8th grade; 1 Semester)

This class teaches drawing and cartooning basics, as well as how to create original characters and storylines. We explore different cartooning and animation styles throughout history, and will be using original characters to create comic strips, single-frame cartoons, and cartoon design for advertising.  This class utilizes pencil, ink, and paint media and will emphasize both creativity and a finished product.  We will also explore the history of cartoons, caricature, and animation.


DRAWING and PAINTING WORKSHOP - (7th and 8th grade; 1 Semester)

Want to discover or improve your artistic skills?  This is a fun, basic art class that covers the fundamentals of drawing and painting.  You will explore a variety of art media including watercolor and tempera paints, pastels, ink, and graphite, and learn basic drawing skills including shading and perspective.  This course is a great foundation class to start developing your own artistic style.